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Home Page for The Mighty Mighty WhitesRead about the history of football in LeedsRead season by season reviews of the fortunes of Leeds United and CityRead about some of the most memorable games in the history of Leeds United and CityRead about the men who have managed Leeds United and CityRead about some of the great players who have turned out for Leeds United and CityCheck out some of the books which have been written about Leeds United and City
History of the Club -
From 1872 up to the present day
69 - Shankly congratulates Charlton and Bremner -  49 - the young Charles - 72 - Clarke wins the Cup - 91 - Strachan versus Barnes - 73 - Billy and the Don after the Sunderland debacle - 75 - Hunter and the European Cup run
The Seventies (1969-79)
Treble heartache - Tinkler - Super Leeds - Revie, Clough, Armfield, Stein and Adamson
  The Sixties (1959-69)
United find their Messiah in Don Revie and then dominate the decade
The Fifties (1949-59)
Buckley, Raich Carter and John Charles inspire a rise before another fall
The Forties (1939-49)
War and an ageing squad lead to a slump in fortunes and then the Major arrives
  Between the Wars (1919-39)
United are promoted but then start to earn a reputation as football's Yo Yo Club
The Birth of Leeds United (1919)
A new club is formed from the ashes of Leeds City and is admitted to the League
Scandal (1919)
Wartime indiscretions lead to expulsion from the League and a player auction
  Leeds City (1905-19)
City struggle to make progress until Herbert Chapman takes over as manager
Football comes to Yorkshire
Sheffield was an early hotbed of football but Leeds was a late adopter
The organising of the game
The Victorians bring form and order to the British game
  Origins of football
How the game began and was introduced to and popularised in Britain