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Dave Tomlinson and his books about Leeds United

Profile of Dave Tomlinson
Meet Dave Tomlinson, a lifelong follower of Leeds United and webmaster of the website. Over the last five decades, he has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge about the club and its history. He has written eight books about Leeds United and contributed to a ninth, with more on the way.

Favourite Player? 'Norman Hunter.'

Most memorable game? '2019 Play-off against Derby at Elland Road - the atmosphere was electric.'

Best moments? 'The FA Cup final in 1972 - Clarke One-Nil! The championships in 1974 and 1992. Getting back to the Premier League.'

What excites you about Leeds United? 'It's the passion, the raw emotion, the spirit, the all in it together, us against the world mentality which grabs you and never lets you go ... there's no other club in the world like ours.'

        The Man with the Plan — Howard Wilkinson's Leeds United — April 2024
This is the ninth book about Leeds United by Dave Tomlinson –
The Man with the Plan is the story of a master builder of football clubs, who brought success back to Leeds United in the early 1990s. Within four years of taking charge in 1988, Howard Wilkinson turned Second Division also-rans into English champions

Leeds United in the 1980s and 1990s - October 2023
This is the eighth book about Leeds United by Dave Tomlinson - This book covers the period from 1980 to 2000, when Leeds crashed and burned before rising from the ashes to become the last English champions and then Everybody's Favourite Other Team under David O'Leary
Super Leeds: The Second Title - Stokoe, Clough and Paradise Lost - December 2021
This is Dave Tomlinson's seventh book about Leeds United, picking up the story in 1969 after the first championship, covering the second title and the post-Revie collapse

Leeds United in the 21st Century - September 2021
This is the sixth book about Leeds United by Dave Tomlinson – How Leeds moved from Champions' League glory in 2001 through financial collapse, liquidation and disastrous changes of ownership and on to how we took the Premier League by storm

Bielsa's Leeds: Redemption - Chasing the Dream - February 2021
How Leeds United finally found stability under the ownership of Andrea Radrizzani and returned to the Premier League under the leadership of one of the most revered coaches in the world


Dirty Leeds: Don Revie & the Art of War - August 2020
Why are Leeds United so universally reviled by rival football fans the length and breadth of the country? The story of Revie, Reynolds and Dirty Leeds is truly unique


Leeds, Money, and Misery Me: 20 Years of Hurt, 23 Mistakes and the Tale of TOMA - October 2019
This is Dave Tomlinson's third and most ambitious book to date. It runs to almost 600 glorious pages and is a must read for anyone interested in Leeds United

Billy Bremner: 50 Defining Fixtures - July 2016
A trip down memory lane back to a golden era of football ... you have the special experience of seeing Bremner grow from a talented youngster to a grizzled veteran and one of Britainís all-time greats

Leeds United: A History - August 2015
Dave Tomlinson relates the complete history of the club from the foundation of Leeds City to the start of the 2015/16 season

Leeds United - The Pinnace Collection - July 2015
Paul Days' book featuring Leeds United in the 1920s and with player pen profiles proved by Dave Tomlinson.
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