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James Johnson (right winger) 1913-14

Johnson is on the far right of this set of photos of new City players for the 1913/14 campaignBorn: Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 3 May 1892

James Johnson's first team career with Leeds City was limited to a single appearance in the 1913/14 campaign.

He started out with with Bedlington United of the Northern Football Alliance, but he joined up with fellow North Easterners Billy McLeod and Tony Hogg when he signed for Second Division City. It is generally reported that he joined the club in October 1910, though photos from the Leeds Mercury indicated that he was newly-signed for the 1913/14 season by Herbert Chapman.

Johnson's first team debut came at home to Grimsby Town on 13 December 1913. He was given his opportunity when the gifted Simpson Bainbridge was injured a week earlier against Woolwich Arsenal.

City beat Grimsby 4-1 and Johnson, according to the Leeds Mercury, "did very well". He couldn't retain his place and the following week inside-right Arthur Price took over on the wing, playing a couple of games until Bainbridge was fit to return.

Johnson saw out the season at Elland Road before joining North Leeds Athletic in June 1914.

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