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Who Will Win Player of the Year?

The Premier League Season is coming to an end soon enough so it's time to look at who might win the Player Of The Year award. Find out more here.

The Premier League Football Player Of The Year award is one that many players hope to get once in their lifetime. Many of the players in the Premier League are extremely skilled and have already shown their skills on the pitch already this season.

Here, we are going to look at some of the contenders for Player Of The Year. Will your favourite football player make our list?

Virgil van Dijk

The first player on our list of contenders for Player Of The Year in the Premier League is Virgil van Dijk who has been on the pitch for nearly every single minute that Liverpool has played this season so far. Many football pundits are touting this player for the award due to his immense talent and performance this season so far.

Will Virgil van Dijk win the prize - or will it be one of his teammates like Salah?

Mohammed Salah

Known as the Egyptian Messi, Mohammed Salah has already shown promise to be crowned the Player Of The Year this season. This player who has scored many goals for Liverpool since moving there and knows what he is doing on the pitch, with many football fans around the world looking up to him.

Salah is also in the running for the Golden Boot award thanks to his numerous goals already this season - but will he take home the Player Of The Year award? Only time will tell on this one.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard who is a top player on the Chelsea squad has also shown potential for winning this notable prize this season. Many sites predict that Hazard might end up beating out the likes of Salah and van Dijk when the end of the season comes along, however don't feel like you can't also find a reason to celebrate - NetBet casino online offers games such as Football Star which give you plenty of opportunity to win your own trophy while still enjoying the football feeling.

Hazard has been extremely prominent this season and has been a standout player amongst his squad. His talent has picked Chelsea up and managed to bring them higher on the league table.


Manchester City would not have been the same this season without the performance that Fernandinho has put on. This player is noted as a superstar by pundits like Paul Merson and he is believed to be one of the main reasons why City have done so well.

Fernandinho always puts on a stellar performance and with only a few games left this season, we expect to see him pull it out of the bag for Manchester City.

Raheem Sterling

Finally, we predict that Manchester City player Raheem Sterling will be in with a chance of winning the Player Of The Year award this season. While he has not been as consistent as we might have liked, he has been very prominent on the pitch.

Look out for Sterling as he still has a lot to give for Manchester City.

Our Verdict

The English Premier League Players are some of the best in the world and so it makes sense that the competition for Player Of The Year would be so fierce. We expect to see either Sterling or Van Dijk winning the title this year.

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