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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City

Russell Wainscoat (inside-left) 1925-31
Albert Wakefield (centre-forward) 1942-49
Ray Wallace (midfield/full-back) 1991-94
Rod Wallace (striker) 1991-98
Jimmy Walton (left-half) 1920-23
Simon Walton (utility player) 2004-06
Tony Warner (goalkeeper) 2006-07 and 2010
Fred Waterhouse (winger) 1920-21
Andy Watson (midfield) 1983-84
Sanchez Watt (forward) 2010-11
Bobby Webb (forward) 1951-55
Jonathan Webb (defender) 2008-10
Danny Webber (forward) 2012
Ian Westlake (midfield) 2006-09
Curtis Weston (midfield) 2007-08
Don Weston (striker) 1962-65
David Wetherall (centre-back) 1991-99
Fred Whalley (goalkeeper) 1921-24
Norman Wharton (goalkeeper) 1939
Tom Wheatley (goalkeeper) 1953
Noel Whelan (striker) 1993-95
Percy Whipp (inside-forward) 1922-27
Aidy White (left-back/midfield) 2008-
David White (midfield/winger) 1993-95
John White (inside-forward) 1927-30
Mike Whitlow (defender/midfield) 1988-92
Chris Whyte (centre-back) 1990-93
David Whyte (midfield) 1977-79
Clyde Wijnhard (striker) 1998-99
Stan Wilcockson (inside-forward/left-half) 1934-35
Jason Wilcox (left winger) 1999-2004
George Wilkins (inside-forward) 1949-50
Charlie Wilkinson (left-back) 1928-33
Andy Williams (midfield) 1988-92
Gary Williams (full-back/midfield) 1987-90
Harold Williams (winger) 1949-57
John Williams (right-back) 1948-50
Paul Williams (forward) 1979-83
Brian Williamson (goalkeeper) 1962-66
Ken Willingham (right-half) 1947-48
George Willis (left winger) 1953-54
George Wilson (inside-left) 1929-30
Jimmy Wilson (goalkeeper) 1928-30
Billy Windle (left winger) 1947-48
Basil Wood (left winger) 1920-22
Roy Wood (goalkeeper) 1952-59
Jonathan Woodgate (centre-back) 1997-2003
Martin Woods (midfield) 2003-05
Bert Worsley (right winger) 1933-35
Frank Worthington (striker) 1982
Nigel Worthington (defender) 1994-96
Alan Wright (left-back) 2006
Barrie Wright (full-back) 1962-66
Jermaine Wright (midfield) 2004-06
Ronnie Wright (inside-left) 1959-60
Tommy Wright (striker) 1982-86
Tony Yeboah (striker) 1995-97
Terry Yorath (utility player) 1967-76
Tommy Younger (goalkeeper) 1961-62