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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Armando Sa (defender) 2007
Alex Sabella (midfield) 1980-82
Lamine Sakho (forward) 2003-04
Lloyd Sam (forward) 2010-12
John Saunders (centre-back) 1971-72
Reg Savage (goalkeeper) 1931-39
George Scaife (full-back) 1936-39 and 1942-43
John Scales (defender) 1984-85
Kasper Schmeichel (goalkeeper) 2010-11
John Scott (goalkeeper) 1950-56
David Seaman (goalkeeper) 1981-82
Harry Searson (goalkeeper) 1949-52
Scott Sellars (midfield) 1983-86 and 1992-93
Alan Shackleton (centre-forward) 1958-59
Kevin Sharp (full-back) 1992-95
Ivan Sharpe (winger) 1920-23
Lee Sharpe (midfield) 1996-99
John Shaw (goalkeeper) 1971-74
Alan Sheehan (left-back) 2008-10
Paul Shepherd (midfield) 1995-99
John Sheridan (midfield) 1982-89
Harry Sherwin (right-half) 1921-25
John Short (inside-left) 1937-48
Enoch Showunmi (striker) 2008-10
Carl Shutt (striker) 1989-93
Bobby Sibbald (full-back) 1963-69
Lyndon Simmonds (forward) 1983-87
Ronnie Sinclair (goalkeeper) 1986-89
Albert Sissons (right winger) 1925-28
Alf Smelt (left-back) 1920-21
Adam Smith (right-back) 2012
Alan Smith (striker) 1998-2004
Barry Smith (centre-forward) 1951-55
Eric Smith (right-half) 1960-64
Henry Smith (goalkeeper) 1978-81
Len Smith (left-half) 1921-26
Robert Snodgrass (winger) 2008-12
Glynn Snodin (full-back/midfield) 1987-92
Ian Snodin (midfield) 1985-87
Davide Somma (striker) 2009-
Sebastian Sorsa (winger) 2008
George Speak (left-back) 1923-25
Gary Speed (midfield) 1986-96
Gary Sprake (goalkeeper) 1960-73
Matthew Spring (midfield) 2004-05
Bert Sproston (right-back) 1927-33
Alex Stacey (right-half) 1927-33
Graham Stack (goalkeeper) 2006-07
Eric Stephenson (inside-left) 1933-44
Mel Sterland (right-back) 1989-94
Byron Stevenson (midfield/defender) 1972-82
Ernie Stevenson (inside-left) 1951-52
David Stewart (goalkeeper) 1973-78
Gordon Stewart (inside-forward) 1951-53
John Stiles (midfield) 1984-89
Steve Stone (midfield) 2005-06
Jim Storrie (striker) 1962-67
Gordon Strachan (midfield) 1989-95
Frank Strandli (striker) 1993-94
George Stuart (wing-half) 1920-21
Neil Sullivan (goalkeeper) 2004-07
Harry Sutherland (centre-forward) 1938-47
Jack Swan (forward) 1921-25
Peter Swan (defender/forward) 1984-89
Peter Sweeney (midfield) 2008-09
Trevor Swinburne (goalkeeper) 1985-86