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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Paul Rachubka (goalkeeper) 2011-
Lucas Radebe (centre-back) 1994-2005
Paul Reaney (right-back) 1961-78
George Reed (left-half) 1924-31
David Rennie (defender/midfield) 1986-89
Don Revie (inside-right) 1958-63 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 -8
Bruno Ribeiro (midfield) 1997-99
Frazer Richardson (right-back/midfield) 1999-2009
Joe Richmond (centre-forward) 1922-26
Michael Ricketts (striker) 2004-06
Val Riley (inside-forward) 1924-28
Keith Ripley (wing-half) 1952-58
Andy Ritchie (striker) 1983-87
Harry Roberts (right-back) 1925-30
David Robertson (left-back) 1997-2001
Andy Robinson (midfield) 2008-10
David Robinson (left-back) 1926-28
Paul Robinson (goalkeeper) 1997-2004
Paul Robinson (left-back) 2012
Ronnie Robinson (left-back) 1985-87
Cuthbert 'Cud' Robson (right winger) 1924-26
Bill Robson (right winger) 1921-24
David Rocastle (midfield) 1992-93
Ralph Rodgerson (left-back) 1921-23
Robbie Rogers (midfield) 2012-
Harry Roper (inside-forward) 1929-35
Roque Junior (centre-back) 2003-04
Bobby Ross (full-back) 1950-54
Jimmy Rudd (left winger) 1949
Ian Rush (striker/midfield) 1996-97
David Russell (goalkeeper) 1925-26