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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
David McAdam (half-back) 1948-50
Billy McAdams (centre-forward) 1961-62
Gary McAllister (midfield) 1990-96
Jim McCabe (half-back) 1948-54
Andy McCall (inside-forward) 1952-55
Alex McCarthy (goalkeeper) 2011-12
George McCartney (left-back) 2010-11
John McClelland (centre-back) 1989-92
George McCluskey (forward) 1983-86
John McCole (centre-forward) 1959-61
Peter McConnell (half-back/inside-forward) 1954-62
Ross McCormack (striker) 2010-
Bobby McDonald (left-back) 1987-88
Jock McDougall (centre-half) 1934-37
Jock McGee (right-back) 1920-21
Billy McGhie (forward) 1976-79
Billy McGinley (midfield) 1972-74
John McGoldrick (right-back) 1983-85
John McGovern (midfield) 1974-75
John McGregor (midfield/defender) 1985
Jackie McGugan (centre-half) 1960-61
Albert McInroy (goalkeeper) 1935-37
Frank McKenna (centre-forward) 1956-58
Duncan McKenzie (striker) 1974-76
Jamie McMaster (forward/midfield) 1999-2005
Eddie McMorran (inside-forward) 1949-50
Neil McNab (midfield) 1982
Sam McNeish (forward) 1951
George McNestry (right winger) 1928-29
David McNiven (striker) 1972-78
Stephen McPhail (midfield) 1996-2004
Gordon McQueen (centre-back) 1972-78
Gary McSheffrey (forward) 2010
Simon Madden (right-back) 2004-08
Paul Madeley (utility player) 1962-80
Peter Maguire (forward) 1986-89
Jack Mahon (right winger) 1929-35
Jim Makinson (right-half) 1935-44
Dave Mangnall (forward) 1927-29
Jimmy Mann (forward) 1969-74
Rui Marques (defender) 2005-10
Jack Marsden (centre-half) 1948-59
Cliff Marsh (inside-forward) 1948-49
Alan Martin (goalkeeper) 2007-11
Con Martin (half-back) 1946-48
David Martin (goalkeeper) 2009-10
Geoff Martin (left winger) 1960-61
Jack Martin (left winger) 1924-26
Nigel Martyn (goalkeeper) 1996-2003
Phil Masinga (striker) 1994-96
Cliff Mason (full-back) 1962-64
George Mason (right winger) 1920-23
Bobby Mason (centre-half) 1922-27
Dominic Matteo (defender/midfield) 2000-04
Lee Matthews (striker) 1996-2001
Alan Maybury (midfield/defender) 1995-2001
Derek Mayers (right winger) 1961-62
Frank Mears (centre-forward) 1924-28
George Meek (winger) 1952-60
Jim Melrose (forward) 1987-88
Bill Menzies (left-back) 1922-33
Lubomir Michalik (centre-back) 2007 and 2008-
George Milburn (right-back) 1928-37 and 1943-44
Jack Milburn (left-back) 1928-39 and 1940-46
Jim Milburn (full-back) 1935-52
George Miller (inside-right) 1950-52
Liam Miller (midfield) 2005-06
Danny Mills (defender) 1999-2004
Don Mills (inside-forward) 1951-52
Fred Mills (wing-half) 1934-39
James Milner (midfield) 2002-04
Ron Mitchell (right-back) 1958-59
Tom Mitchell (left winger) 1926-31
Robert Molenaar (centre-back) 1997-2000
Ron Mollatt (wing-half) 1950-55
Bill Moore (goalkeeper) 1924-25
Ian Moore (striker) 2005-07
Jim Moore (inside-forward) 1921-22
Stan Moore (goalkeeper) 1931-35
Jody Morris (midfield) 2003-04
Norman Morton (centre-forward) 1945-47
Jack Moss (inside-right) 1949-51
Peter Mumby (forward) 1983-89
Tommy Murray (right winger) 1960-61
Bob Musgrove (right-half) 1920-21