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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Chris Kamara (midfield/defender) 1990-91
Tresor Kandol (striker) 2006-10
Bob Kane (centre-half) 1935-47
Robbie Keane (striker) 2000-02
Charlie Keetley (centre-forward) 1927-34
Dominic Kelly (centre-half) 1935-38
Gary Kelly (right-back/midfield) 1991-2007
Jack Kelly (centre-forward) 1935-38
John 'Mick' Kelly (centre-forward) 1933-35
John Kemp (left winger) 1957-59
David 'Jack' Kennedy (centre-back) 1968-71
Paddy Kenny (goalkeeper) 2012-
Darren Kenton (defender) 2008
Andy Keogh (forward) 2003-05 and 2011-12
Eric Kerfoot (left-half) 1949-59
Dylan Kerr (left-back) 1988-93
David Kerslake (right-back) 1993
Harry Kewell (forward) 1995-2003
John Kilford (forward) 1959-62
Matthew Kilgallon (defender) 2000-07
Neil Kilkenny (midfield) 2008-11
Marlon King (striker) 2005
Dennis Kirby (left-half) 1942-50
Roy Kirk (half-back) 1948-53
Jim Kirkpatrick (left-back) 1924-27
Radostin Kishishev (midfield/defender) 2007 and 2007-08
Patrick Kisnorbo (centre-back) 2009-
Tommy Knarvik (midfield) 1997-2000
Willem Korsten (forward) 1999