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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Alfie Haaland (midfield/defender) 1997-2000
Tony Hackworth (striker) 1997-2001
Peter Haddock (defender) 1986-92
Grenville Hair (left-back) 1948-64
Ryan Hall (forward) 2012-
Gunnar Halle (midfield/full-back) 1996-99
Tom Hallett (half-back) 1954-63
Tom Hampson (half-back) 1934-39
Peter Hampton (left-back) 1971-80
Gary Hamson (midfield/full-back) 1979-86
Ray Hankin (striker) 1976-80
Dan Harding (left-back) 2005-06
Jack Hargreaves (left winger) 1934-45
David Harle (midfield) 1985-86
Carl Harris (winger) 1973-82
Joe Harris (left winger) 1922-25
Peter Harrison (left winger) 1948-52
Ralph Harrison (left winger) 1949
Ernie Hart (centre-half) 1920-36
Paul Hart (centre-back) 1978-83
Ian Harte (left-back) 1994-2004
David Harvey (goalkeeper) 1965-79 and 1983-85
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (striker) 1997-99
Ken Hastie (inside-forward) 1952
Mark Hateley (striker) 1996
Dennis Hawkins (forward) 1964-68
John Hawksby (inside-forward) 1957-64
John Hawley (striker) 1978-79
Danny Hay (centre-back) 1999-2002
David Healy (striker) 2004-07
Matt Heath (centre-back) 2006-08
Billy Heaton (left winger) 1937-49
Jock Henderson (inside-forward) 1955-56
Tommy Henderson (winger) 1959 and 1962-65
John Hendrie (striker) 1989-90
Gerry Henry (inside-forward) 1937-47
Terry Hibbitt (midfield) 1963-71
Martin Hiden (defender) 1998-2000
Shane Higgs (goalkeeper) 2009-11
Vince Hilaire (winger) 1988-90
George Hill (winger) 1920-21
Joe Hilton (centre-forward) 1948-50
Tom Hindle (inside-forward) 1943-49
Kevin Hird (full-back/midfield) 1979-84
Steve Hodge (midfield) 1991-94
Eddie Hodgkinson (right-half) 1946-48
Gordon Hodgson (centre-forward) 1937-39
John Hodgson (goalkeeper) 1944-48
Tom Holley (centre-half) 1936-49
David Hopkin (midfield) 1997-2000
Cyril Hornby (half-back/inside-forward) 1929-36
Geoff Horsfield (striker) 2006-07
Tommy Howarth (centre-forward) 1921-22
Jonny Howson (midfield) 2006-12
Darren Huckerby (forward) 1999-2000
Billy Hudson (right winger) 1951-52
Andy Hughes (midfield/full-back) 2007-10
Charlie Hughes (left winger) 1950-52
Phil Hughes (goalkeeper) 1983-85
Rob Hulse (striker) 2005-06
Alan Humphreys (goalkeeper) 1960-62
Billy Humphries (right winger) 1958-59
Norman Hunter (centre-back) 1960-76
Paul Huntington (centre-back) 2007-10
George Hutchinson (forward) 1955-57
Arthur Hydes (centre-forward) 1930-38