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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Ken Gadsby (left-back) 1934-48
Chris Galvin (winger) 1968-73
Scott Gardner (full-back) 2007-09
Tom Gacoigne (right-half) 1921-24
Mark Gavin (left winger) 1979-85
Archie Gibson (right-half) 1951-60
Johnny Giles (midfield) 1963-75
Les Goldberg (right-back) 1934-47
Ernie Goldthorpe (centre-forward) 1920-22
David Gonzalez (goalkeeper) 2011
Freddie Goodwin (half-back) 1960-64
Max Gradel (winger) 2009-11
Arthur Graham (left winger) 1977-83
Danny Graham (striker) 2006
Colin Grainger (left winger) 1960-61
Dennis Grainger (left winger) 1945-47
Danny Granville (left-back) 1998-99
Fred Graver (inside-right) 1924-25
Andy Gray (forward) 1993-98 and 2012-
Eddie Gray (left winger/left-back) 1965-84
Frank Gray (left-back/midfield) 1970-79 and 1981-85
Michael Gray (left-back) 2005 and 2007
Simon Grayson (midfield/full-back) 1986-92
Harry Green (right winger) 1930-34
Paul Green (midfield) 2012-
Brian Greenhoff (defender/midfield) 1979-82
Jimmy Greenhoff (forward) 1961-68
Sean Gregan (midfield/centre-back) 2004-07
Mike Grella (striker) 2009-11
Bill Gribben (centre-half) 1928-29
Leandre Griffit (winger) 2005
Joel Griffiths (midfield) 2006
Steve Guppy (left winger) 2004