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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Chris Fairclough (centre-back) 1989-95
John Faulkner (centre-back) 1970-72
Amdy Faye (midfield) 2010-11
Harry Fearnley (goalkeeper) 1941-49
Warren Feeney (forward) 1998-2001
Jackie Fell (left winger) 1925-27
Rio Ferdinand (centre-back) 2000-02
Frank Fidler (forward) 1951-52
John Finlay (right winger) 1951-52
Neil Firm (centre-back) 1974-82
Joe Firth (half-back/inside-forward) 1927-35
Peter Fitzgerald (centre-forward) 1960-61
Tore Andre Flo (forward) 2007-08
John Joe Flood (midfield) 1923-24
Brian Flynn (midfield) 1977-82
Peter Flynn (inside-right) 1953-57
Caleb Folan (forward) 2001-03
Mark Ford (midfield) 1993-97
Bobby Forrest (inside-forward) 1952-57
Jamie Forrester (striker) 1992-95
Mikael Forssell (striker) 2011-12
Alan Fowler (centre-forward) 1927-34
Robbie Fowler (striker) 2001-03
Hayden Foxe (centre-back) 2006-07
Cliff Francis (inside-left) 1935-38
Gerry Francis (right winger) 1957-61
Dougie Freedman (striker) 2008
Jimmy Frew (left-back) 1920-24
Des Frost (centre-forward) 1949-51
Bob Fullam (inside-left) 1923-24
Billy Furness (inside-left) 1928-37