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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Filipe Da Costa (midfield) 2007-08
Olivier Dacourt (midfield) 2000-03
John Daniels (goalkeeper) 1933-35
Bob Danskin (centre-half) 1929-32
Alf Dark (half-back) 1921-23
Nigel Davey (full-back) 1964-74
Byron Davies (half-back) 1952-56
Bobby Davison (striker) 1987-92
Bobby Dawson (right-back) 1953-55
Mervyn Day (goalkeeper) 1985-93
Ken De Mange (midfield) 1987-88
Brian Deane (striker) 1993-97 and 2004-05
Fabian Delph (midfield) 2006-09 and 2012
Roly Depear (centre-half) 1948-49
Shaun Derry (midfield) 2004-08
Mark Devries (striker) 2007
Carl Dickinson (left-back) 2009
Liam Dickinson (striker) 2009
Martin Dickinson (defender/midfield) 1979-86
Paul Dickov (striker) 2010
El Hadji Diouf (forward) 2012-
Russell Doig (winger) 1986-88
Didier Domi (left-back) 2003-04
John Donnelly (midfield) 1983-85
Tony Dorigo (left-back) 1991-97
Jonathan Douglas (midfield) 2005-09
Billy Down (goalkeeper) 1920-25
Michael Doyle (midfield) 2009-10
Adam Drury (left-back) 2012-
Michael Duberry (centre-back) 1999-2005
Frank Dudley (inside-forward) 1949-51
Bert Duffield (right-back) 1920-25
Harry Duggan (right winger) 1925-36
Len Dunderdale (right winger) 1939-46
Jimmy Dunn (right-back) 1947-59
John Dutoit (full-back) 1945-46
Tom Duxbury (wing-half) 1924-26