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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
Hugh Baird (centre-forward) 1957-58
Ian Baird (striker) 1985-87 and 1988-90
Aaron Baker (right-half) 1927
Jim Baker (centre-half) 1920-26
Len Baker (centre-half) 1923-25
Eirik Bakke (midfield) 1999-2006
Steve Balcombe (striker) 1978-82
Barry Bannan (midfield) 2011
Eddie Bannister (full-back) 1946-50
Nick Barmby (midfield) 2002-04
Peter Barnes (winger) 1981-84
Ron Barritt (centre-forward) 1951-52
Mick Bates (midfield) 1964-76
Bob Batey (wing-half) 1946-47
David Batty (midfield) 1987-93 and 1998-2004
Rob Bayly (midfield) 2006-08
Luciano Becchio (striker) 2008-
Jermaine Beckford (striker) 2006-10
Mark Beeney (goalkeeper) 1993-99
Paul Beesley (centre-back) 1995-97
Jim Beglin (left-back) 1989-90
Rod Belfitt (striker) 1963-71
Albert Bell (right-back) 1922-25
Tom Bell (left-back) 1922-25
Willie Bell (left-back) 1960-67
Ian Bennett (goalkeeper) 2005-06
Bill Bennett (inside-forward) 1928-33
Jerry Best (winger) 1920-21
Fede Bessone (left-back) 2010-11
Nathan Blake (striker) 2004-05
Noel Blake (centre-back) 1988-90
Robbie Blake (forward) 2005-07
Jason Blunt (midfield) 1995-98
Billy Boardman (centre-forward) 1920-22
Rob Bowman (full-back) 1989-97
Lee Bowyer (midfield) 1996-2003
Wes Boyle (striker) 1996-2002
Raul Bravo (left-back) 2003
Billy Bremner (midfield) 1959-76
Michael Bridges (striker) 1999-2004
John Brock (winger) 1920-21
Vince Brockie (right-back) 1985-89
Tomas Brolin (forward) 1995-97
Leigh Bromby (defender) 2009-
Harold Brook (forward) 1954-58
George Brown (centre-forward) 1935-36
Jason Brown (goalkeeper) 2010
Michael Brown (midfield) 2011-
Tony Brown (centre-back) 1983-85
Vic Brown (right-back) 1929-33
Bobby Browne (wing-half) 1935-47
Len Browning (centre-forward) 1946-51
Alex Bruce (defender) 2010-12
Teddy Buck (wing-half) 1927-29
Arthur Buckley (left winger) 1936-46
John Buckley (winger) 1986-87
Jim Bullions (right-half) 1947-50
Eddie Burbanks (winger) 1953-54
Tommy Burden (wing-half) 1948-54
Ted Burgin (goalkeeper) 1958-62
Jacob Burns (midfield) 2000-03
Kenny Burns (centre-back) 1981-84
Paul Butler (centre-back) 2004-07
Walter Butler (forward) 1920-21
Aiden Butterworth (striker) 1980-84
Frank Butterworth (centre-half) 1942-46
Sam Byram (right-back/midfield) 2012-