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The men who have featured for Leeds
Leeds United
Leeds City
  Tom McAllister (right-half) 1908-10
W McCreadie (outside-right) 1916
Edward McDaniel (right-back) 1911-12
Jock Macdonald (right-back) 1905-06
Willie McDonald (wing-half) 1908-09
Bert McLachlan (wing-half) 1918-19
Billy McLeod (centre-forward) 1906-19
Jack McQuillan (left-back) 1914-15
W Malcolm (inside-right) 1916
Tommy Mayson (outside-left) 1916-17
Harry Millership (right-back) 1919
Billy Moore (inside-forward) 1917-18
Joe Moran (wing-half) 1911-13
Charlie Morgan (right-half) 1905-09
Jack Morris (centre-half) 1905-06
Dickie Morris (inside-forward) 1905-06
Tom Morris (centre-half) 1909-13
Tom Mulholland (inside-right) 1909-12
Leslie Murphy (goalkeeper) 1911-12
David Murray (full-back) 1905-09
Willie Murray (left winger) 1906-07