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Competition - Win a DVD - Leeds United - The Greatest Team Ever

Don Revie's 'Super Leeds' side went close to sweeping the board when the 'Greatest Ever Leeds United Team, voted for by supporters was announced at a celebration dinner on April 10 2006. Autograph hunters were in seventh heaven as over 500 diners packed into the Elland Road Conference & Exhibition Centre to hail their playing heroes. Other guests included chairman Ken Bates and manager of the time Kevin Blackwell.

Ricky Wilson and Simon Rix from Leeds band Kaiser Chiefs were there too - though Simon was disappointed that his hero David Batty wasn't! - From Leeds Leeds Leeds.

We all love it, don't we? Picking our fantasy football eleven … a real schoolboy's dream - and we've all had that famous Revie line up drummed into our heads by endless, parrotlike recant - Sprake, Reaney, Cooper, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke, Jones, Giles, Gray, sub: Madeley - it's the stuff of legends.

Early in 2006, Leeds United Football Club came up with the bright idea of letting the fans finally settle all the arguments and vote for their greatest eleven of all time, and the votes poured in in their droves. Now, ILC have captured the whole thing on DVD for us and this is a real treasure … getting on for two hours of clips and highlights, including the entire star studded awards ceremony as the lucky winners are presented with their framed paintings.

It's tremendously sad seeing our legendary faves as grizzled old men, sporting pot bellies and wrinkles, and Frankie Gray is one of the real culprits here, but you've also got them in their heyday, so what the hell!

This DVD is a fans' dream, cram packed with all sorts of memories, clips and highlights, though there really isn't enough time devoted to the clips and I could have done with much, much more, but you know what they say about leaving them wanting, don't you?

Anyway, there's plenty enough magic moments here, including Yeboah's wonder goals from his all too short stay with Leeds, smashing strikes by Kewell against Roma and Wednesday, a rare goal by David Batty and Gordon Strachan scoring smartly at Manchester City. You get Sniffer Clarke's four goals against Sutton and Lash Lorimer TAPPING one home in the same match, and of course Clarke's FA Cup winner from 72. There's a real chuckle with Big Jack Charlton doing Peter Osgood during the 1970 Cup final replay, Bobby Collins breaking Gerry Byrne's shoulder blade and treasured strikes by Eddie Gray against Burnley. You also get John Charles scoring FOR Juve in a friendly AGAINST Leeds, Big Jack and all…

But the lasting memory for me will always be a reminder of exactly how good that 70s team was … even Charlton demonstrates how fine a player he could be when the mood took him, while Terry Cooper in full flight was almost as smooth as Eddie.

For the record, this is the team the fans chose, in 4-4-2 formation:

Nigel Martyn, Paul Reaney, Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Terry Cooper, Peter Lorimer, Billy Bremner, Johnny Giles, Eddie Gray, Allan Clarke, John Charles

Watch and remember…

PS What about this alternative line up from those players who weren't picked? David Harvey, Paul Madeley, Jonathan Woodgate, Lucas Radebe, Tony Dorigo, Gordon Strachan, David Batty, Gary McAllister, Tony Currie, Tony Yeboah, Lee Chapman. Ah well, we can all dream...

Press Release - Club Release: 23rd September 2006 - Retail Release: 6th November 2006

Following the poll that sparked conversation and generated debate amongst Leeds United fans from all over the globe, votes have been counted and the most highly regarded eleven players ever to have worn the famous white shirt have been selected to form the Greatest Ever Leeds United Team!

Since the clubs' official formation as Leeds United in 1919, Elland Road has been home to some of the greatest players the game has seen, and each generation of fans has favourites that have encapsulated the spirit of the club and earned them a special place in history. Profiling both the players that clinched the final vote for each position, as well as those that came so close, this programme brings together a truly unique blend of players from throughout the amazing history of the club.

With over 6,000 appearances between them, The Greatest Ever Leeds United Team is created from players with not only experience, but flair, ingenuity and passion for their club that will never be forgotten.

Bringing together players from every era, this all time greatest team would no doubt spark fear into the minds of any modern-day opponent, and will thrill fans from every generation as supporters votes decide whether Yeboah is picked ahead of Clarke, if Bremner and Batty could really play alongside each other, or whether John Charles should take his place as Centre-Half or Centre-Forward…

Available on DVD from, and all official Leeds United outlets from 23rd September 2006. Available from all good retailers from 6th November 2006 RRP: £15.99

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